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Find YOUR Balance

Are you facing a challenge and feeling stuck? Maybe you're sad, worried, or confused about the direction your life is taking... or perhaps you simply want to generate momentum as you move forward toward your dream. It IS possible to create positive changes in your life and cope more constructively. I'd like to help you remove emotional and behavioral blocks to happiness, contentment, and success so that you can feel more empowered in your life and relationships.

No "psychobabble," no nonsense. As a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist with over twenty years of experience helping others, my approach is to provide support with insight and clear feedback to help people address current challenges and long-standing issues.

I draw from a variety of styles and techniques to use what is most helpful for each individual or couple. With sensitivity, compassion, and an occasional healthy dose of humor, I enjoy helping people bring resolution to a wide range of concerns.